STUDY ON THE N-Th DERIVATIVES OF FUNCTION ${1}/{\sqrt{ax+b}}$ and ${cx+d}/{\sqrt{ex+f}}$


  • Rasoki Rasoki
  • Sri Gemawati
  • Ihda Hasbiyati


derivatives, rational functions, number partitions


The function derivative material is one of the topics in the Mathematics book in High School. In some textbooks used by students, there is no study on to get general form of nth derivates function of rasional function. In this article, we will discuss how to obtain the general form of the nth derivative functions by looking at the first, second, and third derivative patterns by using definition of number partition and multiple factorials so that the general form of the n-th function is obtained. By obtaining the general form of the nth derivative, students only need to replace the n value needed to solve the questions provided in the math book.


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