International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism <p style="text-align: justify;">International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism (IJAU) is peer-reviewed journal that published article that is concerned with Architectural Theory and Critic, Building Technology, Development Studies, Economic Growth and Development, Heritage and Built Environment, Human and Society, Organization and Management, Physical Environment, Quality of Life, Spatial Change &amp; Geographic Information Technologies, Sustainable Built Environment, Town Planning dan Urban Design.</p> Talenta Publisher en-US International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2622-0008 Revitalization of Rajasyah Outbound & Edu Center As Edutourism Based Tourism Object <p>Abstract.Rajasyah Outbound &amp; Edu Center are tourist attractions in North Sumatra, precisely on Bunga Pariama street, Namu Gajah, Kec. Medan Tuntungan. This tourism has decreased vitality so that few visitors come to the place, will do to revive something that was previously empowered, namely using revitalization by identifying the causes of the decline in the vitality of the area and assessing the potential in the area to increase tourism vitality again. This research is base on predetermined variables, named the theory of elements of the city images. This study uses descriptive qualitative methods obtains through observations, interviews, and literature studies. At the end of the discussion, this study will provide recommendations for a tourism revitalization design model with the theories used. By discussing the analysis and recommendations of the design model, is expected to be a guide in developing tourist areas in Medan so that it can increase good economic income for the region.</p> Ainil Hafizhi Nasution D Lindarto Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 1 10 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6027 CPTED Assessment in High Rise Building Underground Parking Facilities (Case Study: Cambridge City Square) <p>Abstract. Buildings grow rapidly in urban areas. Along with the newly built buildings, the need for supporting facilities is increased significantly like the need for parking facilities. Yet, there was still a failure on the building design that will lead criminals to do something that can be dangerous and threaten human security. However, there is still anther ways to prevent crime by considering the design and criminal aspects, that is CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). This research aims to assess CPTED implementation in a high rise building underground parking facilities in Medan. This research uses the descriptive qualitative method to reveal data systematically, factually, and describe the various phenomenon of a particular population or area. Data stored and processed with AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) methods with the help of computer software named Super Decision on getting the value of each specific CPTED key concept for parking facilities. The final CPTED assessment score is 2.994 out of 4. This score is on the range of 2,51-3,00 rating system and categorized as good and shows that CPTED implementation at Cambridge City Square underground parking facilities is suited in CPTED principles even though there are still various components of variables and sub-variables were missing and below standard quality. The result of this research is expected to be useful in the field of architecture especially in preventing crime.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Novrial Aulia Malik Affif Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 11 25 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6028 Developing Art Market Desain in Medan (With a Neo-vernacular Approach) <p>Abstract. Medan is a historical and multi-ethnic city which is one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia. Medan has many cultures that produce a lot of arts and crafts from each culture. However, the facilities and infrastructure for culture are still lacking. Only Cultural Park and PRSU are cultural spaces facilitated by the government. From the private sector, several galleries sell creative cultural industries that are managed privately. Therefore, this study aims as a boost where it is necessary to build a centre for a complete arts and crafts shop as a medium for art artisans to explore their talents and to help the economy of the surrounding community. Data collection in this study relies on secondary data obtained from libraries, related offices related to urban planning such as the Medan City Planning Agency and online sources. Then proceed with observing the location of potential sites as art markets. These observations emphasize apart from the location of the site as well as on the environment and infrastructure around the site. The results of the study show that: the right location for designing an art market in Medan is on Palang Merah street. This location is considered suitable because of its strategic location, close to the city centre and close to culinary spots. With this art market, it can become a workshop or marketing place for the creative industry in Medan.</p> Irwanda Rifai Nasution Isnen Fitri Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 26 36 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6029 Creativity Center for Child-Friendly Settlements in Kampung Hamdan-Sukaraja With Behavioral Architecture Approach <p>Abstract.Childhood is a phase of human growth that is very important in the growth of one's soul. One of the factors for a person’s character building is creativity that can be formed early on. Children's creativity can be provided&nbsp; by informal education for children through their families and environment. Meanwhile, children in this age of technological development are often given gadgets by their parents, so that children today prefer digital games, which can trigger apathy towards others and reduced creativity space for children. Therefore, the aim is to design a Creativity Center for Child-Friendly Settlements in KampungHamdan-Sukaraja to provides a platform for the development of children's creativity and interest through play and learning activities by presenting social values and local cultural values. This Creativity Center uses the problem-solving methodology approach to solve existing problems, starting from the formulation stage, location surveys, data collection, literature studies, and comparative studies. The Children's Creativity Center is designed simply in terms of material use and affordable handling costs for the community of Kampung Hamdan-Sukaraja.&nbsp; The Creativity Center uses a Behavioral Architecture concept that makes each space designed to be comfortable and safe according to children’s needs and this expected to benefit for providing child-friendly spaces in Kampung Hamdan-Sukaraja as a child-friendly settlement in Medan City for increasing children's creativity</p> Rudolf Sitorus Sania Ariany Siregar Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 37 48 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6030 Study of Seasonality Tourism in Simanindo Sub-district, Samosir Regency <p class="TP-Abstract-Text" style="line-height: normal;"><span class="TP-AbstractKeyword-headChar">Abstract.</span> <span class="Style3">Seasonal tourism is a phenomenon characterized by a determinative influence on the tourism industry. This phenomenon is not easy to solve or modify because it has related to tourist arrivals. The number of tourist arrivals is an important point because this is a source of income and revenue for the tourism industry. This study aims to understand and identify seasonal tourism that often occurs every year. The components or variables in this research measure level of tourist visits and the efforts to increase tourist visits outside the season. This research uses quantitative methods and qualitative methods. The data collection are consisted of: qualitative methods with data collection from observations, interviews, and questionnaires and quantitative methods by collecting data from agencies, books, and literature studies. The results are the peak season in the Simanindo sub-district originates from the influence of holidays or religious celebrations. The low season of tourism is caused by weather factors and human disasters. The seasonal pattern for the last three years has the same pattern. The government needs to improve the facilities and creates alternative activities during the low tourist season. The questionnaire's results from tourists satisfied with the tourism industry, infrastructure, and employment services.</span></p> Dwi Debora Sitanggang Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 49 57 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6031 The Role of Community in Sustainable Tourism. Case Study: Girsang Simpangan Bolon <p class="TP-Abstract-Text" style="line-height: normal;"><span class="TP-AbstractKeyword-headChar">Abstract.</span> <span class="Style3">Sustainable tourism must consider three aspects of sustainability, namely economic, social and environmental aspects. To support sustainable tourism development, the community's role in tourism development or Tourism Based Community (TBC) is one of the critical principles that must be fulfilled because it is the component closest to and tied to regional tourism. This research examines the community's role in Girsang Sipangan Bolon District, Simalungun Regency in the development of sustainable tourism. The study uses quantitative methods by collecting data through distributing questionnaires. The observations show that the participation of local communities related to sustainable tourism in Girsang Sipangan Bolon is classified as good with an overall average score of 3.8 out of 4.5 for several indicators of local community participation in sustainable tourism</span></p> Fakhry Perdana Koara Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 58 71 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6032 Local Satisfaction Study on Tourism activities in Pangururan District Samosir Regency <p>Abstract. Local tourism administrations in traveler attractions in Pangururan Locale, in this case, precisely and in a roundabout way, influence the evaluation of the fulfillment and dependability of neighborhood communities within the zone. In this manner, it is essential to investigate and think about the impact of benefit fulfillment of neighborhood tourism exercises on traveler fulfillment and devotion in visitor attractions in Pangururan Locale. The benefit quality variable, which comprises coordinate prove, sympathy, responsiveness, unwavering quality, and confirmation, impacts sightseers' fulfillment and dependability. Respondents were visitors and neighborhood individuals who gone by and settled in Pangururan Locale, totaling 110 respondents with the client fulfillment file procedure. In this composing, data collection utilized perception procedures organized interviews, surveys, and writing. At that point, it was analyzed with Likert scale investigation, legitimacy, and unwavering quality tests: separate straight relapse investigation, relationship examination, and examination of assurance. Based on factual information investigation, the pointers in this ponder are substantial, and the factors are dependable. The quality of neighborhood visit direct administrations is sweet at 80%, and 70.5% for visitor devotion. Whereas the rest is impacted by other variables which are not assist explored in this consider. Based on this examination, it can be concluded that there is a significant relationship between the quality of direct neighborhood administrations on the fulfillment and loyalty of visitors within the traveler attractions of Pangururan Locale. It is recommended to the chief that it is essential to hold special preparation for neighborhood guides to back the quality and convenience of human assets there to bolster traveler attractions in Pangururan Area, Samosir Rule</p> M.Emilsyah Insya Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 72 79 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6033 Economic Impacts of Development Tourism Activities in Pangururan District, Samosir Regency Indonesia <p>Abstract. The tourism sector dramatically affects the economic growth of an area, where tourism activities are expected to minimize poverty levels and manage local communities. However, the economic impact on tourism development activities is essential to note, addition to having a positive impact on tourism development activities it also has a negative impact. This study aims to see the extent of the impact that occurs in the Pangururan Regency in activities. The method used in this research is a qualitative study method through descriptive journals and literature studies. Economy development from tourism has a significant impact on regional tourism revenues. The results of this study are expected to measure the extent of the impact of economic development on the tourism sector. And moreover results are expected to help the government in developing tourism programs in Pangururan Samosir District which can increase tourists visiting both the tourism season and the semi-quiet season.</p> Nanda Sofia, S.T Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 80 89 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6034 Study of Thermal Comfort in Traditional House Buildings (Case Study: Simalungun Traditional House) <p>Abstract. Traditional houses were formed over a long period and are believed to be hereditary responsive to the surrounding physical and socio-cultural environment. Traditional Architecture is a building whose shape, decoration and method of implementation are passed down from generation to generation. Traditional architecture is a reflection of the values and culture that the community has interpreted. The adaptation of residents in the house is carried out by optimizing the positive potential of the surrounding environment and minimizing disturbances related to the comfort of living. The research problem is how the level of thermal comfort in the traditional house of Simalungun. The purpose of this study is to analyze the thermal comfort of the study object of the Simalungun traditional house. To determine the thermal conditions inside and outside the building, Measurements of temperature and humidity were carried out. Measurement data were analyzed and compared with Ecotech simulation data. The results of research carried out directly and simulating using Ecotech. This Simalungun traditional house can be categorized as having optimal comfort in terms of its physical physiological aspects and simulate using Ecotech simulations. As for the benefits of the research, it is hoped that it can provide knowledge about the thermal comfort of traditional houses, especially the traditional houses of Simalungun.</p> Vinky Rahman Luqman Hadi Wibowo Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 90 99 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6035 Sustainable Landscape Criteria in Design Concept of Taman Merah Kampung Pelangi, Malang City <p>Taman Merah is one of the thematic parks planned by the residents of Kampung Pelangi to provide a forum for activities and meet the needs of green open space for the environment by utilizing the empty land in Kampung Pelangi environment.&nbsp; This activity is a service program communities that aims to help residents plan and design the Red Park according to their needs.&nbsp; The method that used is the landscape architecture design method with a sustainable landscape approach, starting from site surveys, identifying people's needs and activities, studying literature related to sustainable landscape criteria to be applied to the Taman Merah design concept, compiling programming and design concepts.&nbsp; The results of the study obtained are the criteria for sustainable landscapes that are applied in the design concept including environmental, economic, socio-cultural, aesthetic, and institutional aspects.&nbsp; The five criteria were identified to be used as the basis for the Taman Merah design concept.&nbsp; The sustainability of these five aspects aims to improve the quality of the environment, improve the residents' economy, a forum for the actualization of socio-cultural activities, provide interesting place experiences, and foster collaboration between residents and community groups in Kampung Pelangi RW 9 Joyogrand Housing, Merjosari Village, Malang City.</p> Hamka Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 100 113 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.5321 Seasonal Tourism in Pangururan District, Samosir Regency, Indonesia <p>Abstract. Indonesia has a variety of tribes and cultures that cannot be separated from the natural beauty which is a tourist destination for the beauty of Lake Toba in North Sumatra. Pangururan District, Samosir Regency is one of the priority points of tourists because Pangururan District is the capital of Samosir Regency so that the impact of the influence of tourist destinations becomes a strategic area for national and international tourism. A person's fatigue in carrying out daily activities makes travelling one of the solutions to calm the mind after facing someone's busy life. Tourism has categories according to conditions, one of which is tourism. Tourism is defined as a form of sustainable tourist visits, in terms of attracting local and non-local tourists with the condition of a tourist destination provided with the natural beauty of Pangururan District, Samosir Regency. Tourism that occurs with tourist visits based on the holiday season and weekdays on tourist visits has increased during holidays with a high number compared to normal days. Tourism management still provides the best service so that tourists don't just drink. In this case, tourism shows the condition of tourists who visit during the holiday season so that they get a response so that the improvement of tourism management is better, this is evidenced by showing the results of field observations. With regard to tourism, it shows that the results are processed based on the opinion of the community as both visitors and local people</p> Abi Bhisry Siregar Copyright (c) 2021 International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism 2021-03-31 2021-03-31 5 1 114 125 10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6037