About the Journal

The Journal of Peasants’ Rights (JPR) is a journal held by the Center of Agrarian and Peasants’ Rights Study (PUSKAHAP) which is under the Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP) the University of North Sumatra. The first edition of the journal began in March 2022 and will be published twice in 1 year. The journal pays attention to social, economic, political, and cultural studies of peasants’, particularly in various aspects related to UNDROP (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasant and Other People Working in Rural Areas).

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As a set of human rights instruments passed by the United Nations in 2018, UNDROP departs from the reality that peasants and rural communities are vulnerable groups and often discriminate and violated their rights. Given the studies of the rural areas, criticism of developmentalism, agrarian conflict, local political dynamics, and the peasant movement has become an important issue to discuss. Therefore, the main purpose of this journal is to encourage the emergence of various studies and critical thinking on various social, economic, political, and cultural studies of peasants.

This study covers many levels. Starting from the local level: how to social structure in the rural areas; community organization; contemporary rural phenomena; and involvement of actors and other stakeholders. At the national level: legislation agenda and public policy related to peasants and people working in rural areas. Up to the international level: the trans-national movement; and follow-up and implementation practices of UNDROP in various parts of the world.

This journal is the right place for academics, governments, activists of peasants organizations, and activists of other agrarian movement institutions to contribute to delivering their studies. All writings in this journal will be reviewed by international experts, including those who have contributed and are directly involved in the UNDROP process.