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  • International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism

    International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism (IJAU) is peer-reviewed journal that published article that is concerned with Architectural Theory and Critic, Building Technology, Development Studies, Economic Growth and Development, Heritage and Built Environment, Human and Society, Organization and Management, Physical Environment, Quality of Life, Spatial Change & Geographic Information Technologies, Sustainable Built Environment, Town Planning dan Urban Design.

  • Jurnal Sistem Teknik Industri

    The Open Journal of Industrial Engineering System, “Jurnal Sistem Teknik Industri” (JSTI) accepts manuscripts / scientific papers of scientific engineering systems and applications / uses, derived from students, lectures, academic colleagues and alumni of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sumatera Utara or other faculties and universities industrial Engineering. Scientific works must be original research, thoughts and views, or the results of a literature review that has a new contribution to science. JSTI is published with printed ISSN 1411-5247 and online ISSN 2527-9408
    The script is sent to the editor of JSTI in the form of .doc or .docx to jsti@usu.ac.id (in ready to print) and by online registration to jsti.usu.ac.id The manuscript is reviewed in advance by the Editorial Board and Bestari Partners or experts in their field. The decision received or not received by an article is the right of the Editorial Board based on the recommendations of the reviewers.

  • Indonesian Journal of Agricultural Research

    Indonesian Journal of Agricultural Research (InJAR) is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal published by TALENTA (Universitas Sumatera Utara's Journals Publisher) and managed by Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sumatera Utara. It is based on DIKTI accreditation standard and covers all aspects of agricultural researches including Animal Science and Fisheries, Agribusiness, Agrotechnology and Agricultural Technology. All manuscripts are double-blind refereed before acceptance.

    InJAR is published in March, July, and November.

    ISSN 2615-5842

  • Indonesian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research

    Indonesian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research (IDJPCR) isa-peer-reviewed publication of original research works. The mission of the journal is to offer a medium to exchange ideas and information about the advancementof  knowledge and research in disciplines of pharmaceutical technology, pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, medical sciences, biological pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry. The journal also receives systematic reviews, meta-analysis and review article on new issues in pharmaceutical and clinical sciences. Submission to this journal implies that the manuscript has not been published or under consideration to be published in another journal. At the initial stage, this journal will be published online twice a year.

  • Sumatera Medical Journal

    Sumatera Medical Journal, the official English language journal which full text articles are freely available online by the faculty of Medicine Universitas Sumatera Utara

  • Bulletin of Mathematics

    Bulletin of Mathematics

    The Journal Bulletin of Mathematics is a journal published by The Indonesian Mathematical Society Regions Aceh - North Sumatra. Currently this journal is published in English and supported by University of Sumatera Utara.

  • Data Science: Journal of Computing and Applied Informatics

    Journal of Computing and Applied Informatics focus on research results or studies covering the field of Computing and Applied Informatics.