Asian Australasian Neuro and Health Science Journal is a forum to accommodate and publish for research results and writings from fellow writers Every college is required to implement the tri dharma tertiary institution consisting of teaching, community service and research. One of the research outputs is scientific work published in a journal. By publishing scientific work, an academic or researcher can introduce his work nationally and internationally. Based on the circular letter Director General of Higher Education No. 152 of 2012 that every bachelor degree, master degree and doctoral degree  must publish their final assignments in national, nationally accredited and international journals, so the need for journal managers becomes very important.

Currently, especially in North Sumatra, there are no accredited national journals or international reputable journals that accommodate the needs of academics in publishing their scientific work. Therefore Sumatera Utara University (USU), as one of the higher education institutions, through the Faculty of Medicine seeks to meet these needs by creating new scientific journals in the field of medical science. 

Each publication contains 5 (five) research articles which will be published online. The aim of this journal that will be formed is to become an international reputable journal. This journal will be established by a good management system, supported by faculty leaders and university leaders.


Journal title Asian Australasian Neuro and Health Science Journal
Abbrevation Asian Australas. Neuro and Health Sci. J.
Initial AANHS-J
Frequency Three Publication Per Year( April, August, December)
ISSN (Print) -
ISSN (Online) 2686 - 0848
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.32734 (member of crossref)
Editor-in-Chief Ridha Dharmajaya
Managing Editor Mahyudanil and Muhammad Ihsan Z. Tala
Publisher TALENTA Publisher, Universitas Sumatera Utara
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Current Issue

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2020): AANHS Journal


An important key to health management is basic knowledge about disease and the involvement of other factors that affect health. The general principle of head trauma and preparation for surgery is important for us to know. In this edition, the AANHS Journal will publish several case reports and journals on basic head trauma, basic spine instrumentation,and other topic such as migraine headache and black cumin as herbal medicine

Thank you
Ridha Dharmajaya
Chief Editor

Published: 2020-04-18
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