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Jurnal Teknik Kimia USU is an accredited national journal that publishes research articles, literature reviews, and fieldwork in chemical engineering. This journal is published by TALENTA Publisher, Universitas Sumatera Utara and managed by Chemical Engineering Department, Engineering Faculty, Universitas Sumatera Utara. This journal is not limited to scientific publications produced by students and lecturers of the Universitas Sumatera Utara but also open to students, lecturers and researchers from other institutions. From 2012 to 2017, this journal has been published four times a year but since 2018, this journal has published scientific publications regularly twice a year in March and September. This is done in order to increase the selectivity of incoming articles in order to maintain the quality of scientific publications in this journal.

Due to technical problems in the previous Open Journal System (OJS) system, since Vol. 8 No. 2 of 2019, the Jurnal Teknik Kimia USU was moved to https://talenta.usu.ac.id/jtk/ which was facilitated by Talenta Publisher, Universitas Sumatera Utara, in order to improve the governance of scientific publications in the OJS.

In 2022, the Jurnal Teknik Kimia USU has been accredited by the National Journal Accreditation (ARJUNA) Managed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Republic Indonesia with Third Grade (Sinta 3) since the year 2022 to 2026 according to the decree No. 225/E/KPT/2022, December 7, 2022, Regarding Scientific Journal Accreditation Rank Period III of 2022.

Journal title Jurnal Teknik Kimia USU
Abbrevation J. Teknik Kimia USU
Initial JTK
Frequency 2 (two) issues per year
ISSN (Online) 2337-4888
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.32734 (Member of Crossref)
Editor-in-Chief Rondang Tambun
Publisher TALENTA Publisher, Universitas Sumatera Utara
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Commencement of Publication March 2012

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