The Cluster Analysis of Online Shop Product Reviews Using K-Means Clustering


  • Rena Nainggolan Universitas Methodist Indonesia, Medan, Indonesia
  • Eviyanti Purba Universitas Methodist Indonesia, Medan, Indonesia



Data Mining, K-Means, Clustering, Cluster, Online Customer Reviews


Technological developments have made changes in people's lifestyles, namely changes in the behavior of people who had shopped directly or offline to online. Many benefits are obtained from shopping online, namely the many conveniences offered by shopping online, besides that there are also many disadvantages of shopping online, namely the many risks in using e-commerce facilities, namely the problem of product or service quality, safety in payments, fraud. This research aims to mine review data on one of the e-commerce sites which ultimately produces clusters using the K-Means Clustering algorithm that can help potential customers to make a decision before deciding to buy a product or service


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Nainggolan, R., & Eviyanti Purba. (2020). The Cluster Analysis of Online Shop Product Reviews Using K-Means Clustering. Data Science: Journal of Computing and Applied Informatics, 4(2), 111-121.