Implementation of Moving Object Tracker System


  • Mohanad Abdulhamid Alhikma university
  • Adam Olalo University of Nairobi



The field of computer vision is increasingly becoming an active area of research with tremendous efforts being put towards giving computers the capability of sight. As human beings we are able to see, distinguish between different objects based on their unique features and even trace their movements if they are within our view. For computers to really see they also need to have the capability of identifying different objects and equally track them. This paper focuses on that aspect of identifying objects which the user chooses; the object chosen is differentiated from other objects by comparison of pixel characteristics. The chosen object is then to be tracked with a bounding box for ease of identification of the object's location. A real time video feed captured by a web camera is to be utilized and it’s from this environment visible within the camera view that an object is to be selected and tracked. The scope of this paper mainly focuses on the development of a software application that will achieve real time object tracking. The software module will allow the user to identify the object of interest someone wishes to track, while the algorithm employed will enable noise and size filtering for ease of tracking of the object.


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