Peer Review Process

Peer review process

Pre-review aims to review the manuscript's suitability by the guidelines for writing this journal. Pre-reviewed comments and recommendations are an important guide to inform the editor's decision on a manuscript and also ensure that the article receives any criticism impartially and obtains feedback from the author to improve the quality of the article to help the reader to trust the integrity of a quality scientific article to be published. In addition, the journal editor will check for plagiarism with Turnitin to make sure the article has never been published.

After going through the Pre-review process, the manuscript will be reviewed by 2 independent reviewers who are experts in related fields. This journal uses the Single Bling Peer Review process, which takes 10 weeks and still refers to the journal format and scope. Return the manuscript that has been reviewed to the author for revision. The final decision is based on reviewer comments, on a review of both revised manuscripts.

The journal editor (authorized by the editor-in-chief) will decide the article's suitability for publication through the reviewer's comments. Articles declared accepted will be published according to a predetermined schedule.