About the Journal

Journal Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Creative Industry is a journal that is held by the Business Administration Study Programme which is under the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), University of North Sumatera.

General Scope

This journal focuses on a critical look at business issues that include entrepreneurship and creative industries. Given that studies on entrepreneurship and creative industries have become an important issue to discuss.

Spesific Scope
The focus of this journal is issues related to social, economic, political, and cultural as well as various related aspects. The scope of the theme includes:
1. Business analysis;
2. Entrepreneurship/Innovation;
3. Creative industry analysis;
4. Small Medium Entreprise (SMEs);
5. Human Resource Management;
6. Strategic management analysisi;
7. Tourism analysis

The main objective of this journal is to encourage the emergence of various studies and critical thinking about social, economic, political and cultural studies in business related to entrepreneurship and creative industries. All articles in this journal will be reviewed by academically competent experts.