Focus and Scope

Simetrikal Journal of Engineering and Technology is a place for academics and practitioners  in the area of engineering to share and disseminate their research and findings. This journal covers the following subject areas:

  • Civil Engineering (Construction and Building Materials, Water Science and Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Project Management, Structural and Earthquake Engineering)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Thermodynamics, Engineering materials, Energy, Noise Engineering, Vibration Engineering, Manufacturing Process, Maintenance and reliability, Dynamics and control, Fuel and combustion, Tribology, Metallurgy, Numerical Simulation, Fluid Mechanics)
  • Industrial Engineering (Manufacturing system, Production and Planning Control, Supply Chain Management, Ergonomics, Operation research, Simulation, Engineering Economics, Facility layout and Material handling design, Safety Engineering, Operation management)
  • Chemical Engineering (Process in chemical and energy industries especially for production of food, pharmaceutical, fuels and feedstocks, Plant design and operation, process design and analysis, control and reaction engineering)
  • Electrical Engineering (Power systems, Power electronics, Electrical Machines, High voltage engineering, Energy management, Smart and Micro grid, Wireless and mobile communications, Microwave Engineering, Robotics, Communication Networks and Protocol)
  • Architecture (Architectural Theory and Critic, Building Technology, Development Studies, Heritage and Built Environment, Sustainable Built Environment, Human and Society)
  • Environmental Engineering (Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Assessment, Sustainability Assessment, Life Cycle Engineering)