Peer Review Process

All articles submitted to Simetrikal Journal of Engineering and Technology will be evaluated through peer review process. Before submitting into this process, article will be handled by editor and section editors. At this stage, editor will check the suitability the content of article with the scope of journal. Furthermore, to ensure the originality of article, editor will check the plagiarism level using Turnitin software.

If the article passes the suitability and plagiarism check, it will be allocated to at least two independent reviewers that have compatible expertise with the content of submitted article. This journal uses double blind review process. The process of review might require 3-10 weeks. After the review process is finished, the article will be evaluated based on the comments of reviewers by editors. The article can be directly accepted, or can be subjected to second review process, or can be directly rejected. The accepted article will undergo publication process.