The Utilization of Sonneratia alba and Avicennia lanata Leaves on the Performance of Jawarandu Goats


  • S Maulana




S. alba leaves and A. lanata leaves are forages that grow in mangrove ecosystems which are considered potential to support the performance of goat jawarandu. This study aims to determine the effect of the leaves of S. alba and A. lanata on the performance of jawarandu goats. This research was conducted in Environment XII of Seberang Fishermen Village, Belawan I Village, Medan Belawan District, Medan City. The study lasted for 3 months, starting in July to October 2019. The research method was a completely randomized design (CRD) with 3 treatments and 4 replications so that there were 12 male goats that were kept with an average initial body weight of 14.65 ± 1.65. The treatments given were leaves of S. alba and A. lanata with a ratio of P1 (100: 0); P2 (50:50); and P3 (0: 100). The research parameters are Feed Consumption, Average Daily Gain , and Feed Conversion. The results showed that the utilization of the S. alba and A. lanata leaves had a significant effect on feed consumption and average daily gain, but did not significantly effect on  feed conversion. It can be concluded that the utilization of S. alba leaves gives a greater effect on the performance of goat jawarandu compared to A. lanata leaves or combination feed.