Feasibility Study on the Application of Biogas from Buffalo Faeces as Source of Energy on Coffee Shops


  • I Royba




This study aims to investigate whether bio gas  from buffalo faeces can be used as a new substitute energy for other energy sources namely LPG gas and kerosene for coffee shop. This research was conducted at the coffee shop owned by Mr. Saragih in Lumban Suhi-suhi Village, Pangururan District, Samosir Regency, from April to June 2018. This research was a feasibility study using bio gas as an energy source for cooking. Then calculated financial analysis and observed with SWOT analysis. Parameters observed were production costs, revenues, income, Benefit Cost Ratio (B / C), Revenue Cost Ratio (R / C), Return On Investment (ROI), Break Even Point (BEP), and SWOT Matrix. The results of financial analysis were calculated using the bio gas unit, namely the production cost of Rp 2,167,000; revenue of Rp. 4,360,000; income of Rp. 2,193,000; B / C is 1.01, R / C is 2.02; ROI of 50.3%; BEP Price is Rp. 3,976; BEP Production of 270 glasses. Development strategies included promoting bio-gas devices to the community, improving service in coffee shops, improving product quality, making coffee shops that are modern and unique from others, and making faeces banks.