Contamination Analysis of Escherichia coli on Broiler Chicken Meat in Traditional Markets of Medan City


  • Julinda Siregar universitas sumatera utara
  • S. Umar
  • N.D.Hanafi



bacteria, chicken meat, contamination, e.coli, traditional markets


Escherichia coli (E. coli) is a gram negative bacteria that can reduce the quality of meat and cause diarrhea if the amount is too much.This study aims to investigate the presence of E. coli  contamination in chicken meat sell in traditional markets in Medan. This research was conducted using the perposive sampling method and collect samples from 30% of each nine traditional markets with a total of 32 samples. The traditional markets in Medan, namely Petisah, Central, Sei kambing, Kampung Lalang, Kwala Bekala, Helvetia, Kampung Baru, Kemiri and Padang Bulan. Reserch were conducted by using the CFU / ml method with chromocult media. Samples were analyzed  in the laboratory of the Regional Veterinary Disease Investigation Center Region 1 Medan. The results showed 32 samples of chicken meat had exceeded the maximum limit of microbial contamination. The highest total microbial average was in the Kampung Lalang market 3.49 Log CFU / g, and the lowest was in the Kemiri market of 2.79 Log CFU / g. Based on the results of the research, it was found that the meat in the traditional markets of Medan was all contaminated with E. coli and had passed the maximum limit of bacterial contamination.


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