The Fabrication of Roof Tiles Utilizing Palm Oil Boiler Ash and Used Rubber Thread Fibers Waste


  • Achiruddin


polymer composite roof tiles, palm oil boiler ash, tire thread fibers


Polymer composite roof tiles are produced from palm oil boiler ash and used rubber thread fibers waste. The material was strengthened by asphalt through a molding and pressurized conventional technique of sand, palm oil boiler ash waste, rubber thread fibers waste, asphalt and epoxy resin mixture. The composition of boiler ash and rubber thread fibers varied of 20% : 0%, 18% : 2%, 16% : 4%, 14% : 6%, 12% : 8%, 10% : 10%. The results were tested for physical (density and water absorption), mechanical (compressive, impact and tensile strength) and thermal (Differential Thermal Analysis) properties. The characterization shows that the optimum mixture of sand, ash, thread, asphalt and resin compositions are 55% : 12% : 8% : 10% : 15% respectively, with the highest density of 1.64 gram/cm3, waster absorption value of 1.72%, 77.68 kJ/m2 impact value, 19.373 MPa tensile strength and 360°C for differential thermal analysis temperature. Those results meet the SNI standard for existing roof tiles. This shows that the materials used in the research can be a cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to roof tile raw materials.


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