Author Guidelines


Journal of Saintech Transfer (JST), with registered number ISSN 2621-2560 (print), ISSN 2621-4830 (online) is an open access references for multidisciplinary studies in science and technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and innovation published by Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Sumatera Utara. It covers various activities in dissemination or transfer of science and technology, specifically addressing issues on innovative applications, development of new technologies and efficient solutions that relate to community problems.

Online Journal of Saintech Transfer (JST) was available since May 2018 or since the release of Volume 1, Number 1, Year 2018. This journal was indexed in Google Scholar. The Journal of Saintech Transfer editorial board invites you to submit your manuscript to be published in this journal.

Submissions to JST should be through its online submission system. The article structure conforms with our guidelines (see the manuscript structure section below).  

Author registration. Authors without an JST account are required to create an account before beginning their submission. Make sure that the “Author” role is selected in the Role dropdown menu, otherwise you will not be able to proceed with the submission.

Author(s) data. The submitting author is required to complete the author(s) data during the submission. Please ensure that the affiliation addresses are complete and written exactly as they appear on the manuscript.

Manuscript metadata. Please complete at least the following information related to the manuscript:

Title: Fill in the manuscript title field in sentence case.

Abstract: Paste the abstract into the abstract field; make sure that the formatting is consistent with the manuscript (e.g. superscript and italics).

Keywords: Provide a maximum of five words/phrases, separated by comas.

References: References should be written in accordance with the IEEE style (JST chosen reference style). Separate each individual reference with a blank line.

Title page. Contain manuscript title, followed by author name(s), affiliation, and correspondence e-mail.

Appendix. Any supplemental files such as questionnaire and other supporting data not more than 3 pages.

Download the Author Guidelines and Template here.