Jurnal Koridor: Jurnal Arsitektur dan Perkotaan (J.Koridor)  is a scientific journal in the field of architecture and its applied sciences. Areas in the J.Koridor:

1. Architectural design            
    - Conservation            
    - Sustainable design            
    - Green architecture
2. Lanscape and environment         
    - Landscape design        
    - Built Environment Planning
3. Urban Planning         
    - Town planning        
    - Urban design        
    - Housing and settlements        
    - Tourism
4. Building technology        
    - Building technology        
    - Construction        
    - Sustainable structure
5. Architectural theory and criticism         
    - Architectural history        
    - Architectural theory
    - Vernacular architecture
    - Neo-Vernacular Architectural

The journal was established in 2010, published in print until 2019, and is in the process of being organized towards an e-journal system. For writers who are interested in including writing in this journal, please refer to the terms and format of the writing on the inside back cover. Jurnal Koridor: Jurnal Arsitektur dan Perkotaan (J.Koridor)  is published by the Master of Architecture Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sumatera Utara, with a frequency of publishing twice (number) for each year (volume). The ideas and opinions expressed in the writings published in this journal are purely those of the author, and do not at all reflect the views, policies, or beliefs of the members of the Editorial Board, editors and the USU Architectural Engineering Masters Program as a publishing institution.