Journal History

Always striving to improve, InJAR has made several changes since its first publication in March 2018.

  1. InJAR was first published in March 2018 with 10 papers for each number. Since March 2019, in Vol. 2 No. 1, the papers were reduced to 7 articles for each publication in order to apply an improved selection process.

  2. Since May 2020, InJAR has been indexed by the Indonesian national journal indexer “ARJUNA RISTEKBRIN” with a Sinta 4 predicate.

  3. In June 2020, InJAR amended its team by utilizing external experts as Section Editors and adding more experts as peer reviewers.

  4. Since July 2020, in order to have stronger networks, InJAR established an agreement with the Agricultural Economist Association “Perhimpunan Ekonomi Pertanian Indonesia (PERHEPI)”. Since then, the PERHEPI logo was added at the InJAR cover together with the USU and Talenta logos.