Foot Spa Intervention on Hypertension: A Case Study


  • Ayu Maulida keperawatan medikal bedah
  • Agianto



Hypertension was the most common disease suffered by the people of Sungai Rangas Ulu Village. One of the management of hypertension was complementary therapy in the form of a foot spa. This study aims to describe the results of nursing care in patients with hypertension through foot spa therapy. It used a case study method on one of the hypertensive patients. The individual was a community of Sungai Rangas Ulu Village chosen at random or accidentally. Individuals were given foot spa therapy, and observed their blood pressure by using a sphygmomanometer every day for six days. The results of the evaluation of foot spa therapy were that blood pressure had decreased. Blood pressure before intervention was 170/100 mmHg; on the last day of the intervention, blood pressure was found to be 141/94 mmHg. Foot spas could provide a sense of relaxation to stimulate vasodilation, lowering blood pressure. Foot spa therapy can be a complementary therapy option for people with hypertension.


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Ayu Maulida and Agianto, “Foot Spa Intervention on Hypertension: A Case Study”, Indones. J. Nurs. Sci., vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 52-59, Dec. 2022.