Local Satisfaction Study on Tourism activities in Pangururan District Samosir Regency


  • M.Emilsyah Insya Department of Water Resources, Medan, Indonesia




community satisfaction; customer loyalty; satisfaction index


Abstract. Local tourism administrations in traveler attractions in Pangururan Locale, in this case, precisely and in a roundabout way, influence the evaluation of the fulfillment and dependability of neighborhood communities within the zone. In this manner, it is essential to investigate and think about the impact of benefit fulfillment of neighborhood tourism exercises on traveler fulfillment and devotion in visitor attractions in Pangururan Locale. The benefit quality variable, which comprises coordinate prove, sympathy, responsiveness, unwavering quality, and confirmation, impacts sightseers' fulfillment and dependability. Respondents were visitors and neighborhood individuals who gone by and settled in Pangururan Locale, totaling 110 respondents with the client fulfillment file procedure. In this composing, data collection utilized perception procedures organized interviews, surveys, and writing. At that point, it was analyzed with Likert scale investigation, legitimacy, and unwavering quality tests: separate straight relapse investigation, relationship examination, and examination of assurance. Based on factual information investigation, the pointers in this ponder are substantial, and the factors are dependable. The quality of neighborhood visit direct administrations is sweet at 80%, and 70.5% for visitor devotion. Whereas the rest is impacted by other variables which are not assist explored in this consider. Based on this examination, it can be concluded that there is a significant relationship between the quality of direct neighborhood administrations on the fulfillment and loyalty of visitors within the traveler attractions of Pangururan Locale. It is recommended to the chief that it is essential to hold special preparation for neighborhood guides to back the quality and convenience of human assets there to bolster traveler attractions in Pangururan Area, Samosir Rule


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M.Emilsyah Insya. (2021). Local Satisfaction Study on Tourism activities in Pangururan District Samosir Regency. International Journal of Architecture and Urbanism, 5(1), 72-79. https://doi.org/10.32734/ijau.v5i1.6033