About the Journal

General Scope

It focuses on the advancement of research, theory, and applied science in the fields of sociology and social sciences in general.

Specific Scope

It covers the development of research, theory, and application in the field of sociology, especially in Indonesia and the world in general. Some of the themes or topics covered in this journal include:

  • Community adaptation strategy in the era of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Fundamentalism, radicalism and religious social movements
  • Mitigation of customary lands and indigenous peoples in tourism development
  • Food security and climate change.
  • Poverty, child labor, and trafficking
  • Virtual society, social media, and post-truth politics
  • Gender and natural disasters
  • Poverty, crime, and urban social unrest all contribute to more poverty, crime, and urban social unrest.
  • Poverty, urbanization, and rural communities