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Lapo Tuak as A Social Interaction Arena in The Batak Community of Toba: Descriptive Study of Lapo Tuak in Belang Malum Village, Sidikalang City


  • Lolo Romianna Angkat Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan



lapo tuak, public space, social interaction


Lapo tuak is a place used for social interaction and gathering. Lapo tuak is synonymous
with the Batak community, especially the Toba Batak community. The Toba Batak ethnic
community likes to gather while eating together, and in the end it becomes an event for discussion.
For most Toba Batak people, lapo tuak is really a place to communicate, let go of longing, a place to
make appointments and it can also be a place to solve problems regardless of social status.
Through this research, the researcher wanted to see how the forms of social interaction that took
place in the tuak lapo and how the behavior of the lapo tuak visitors in the village of Belang
Malum. The method used is descriptive with a qualitative approach. The result of this research is
that lapo tuak is a public space that can be used as a place for social interaction. This thesis also
describes the forms of social interaction that occur in lapo tuak including cooperation, competition,
conflict and accommodation that can occur at certain times and each form of interaction can be in
the form of interactions between individuals and individuals, individuals with groups, and groups
with the group.


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