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Social Solidarity Patterns of Papua Migrant Students at The University of North Sumatera


  • Ema Tantirah Universitas Sumatera Utara


Migrant, Papua, Solidarity Patterns, Students, University of Nort Sumatera


Solidarity is something that is really needed by a society. Strong solidarity can be found among migrant students from Papua at the University of North Sumatra. Researchers are interested in seeing the background of students from Papua forming groups. This type of research uses descriptive qualitative methods. Determination of informants using purposive sampling techniques. The results of this study concluded that migrant students from Papua at the University of North Sumatra formed an Medan-level organization called the Papuan Student Association (IMP) for the awareness that it was part of the group, had many similarities, and their internal and external needs - each group member. The pattern of solidarity of migrant students from Papua is mechanical solidarity, with the form of gemeinschaft, where it is a habit (folkways) which is passed down from seniors to juniors. The supporting factor for the strong solidarity of Papuan students as a group is the large number of similarities and the closeness of their homes. An inhibiting factor for the solidarity of migrant students from Papua as a group was inactive members and misunderstanding.


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