Decreasing Total Inventory Cost by Controlling Inventory in Motorcycle Dealer


  • David Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Engmir Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Irwan Budiman Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Jusra Tampubolon Universitas Prima Indonesia



ABC Analysis, Economic Order Quantity, Exponential Smoothing, Regression Linear, Safety Stock , Spare Parts Inventory.


This research was conducted at one of the motorcycle dealers in Indonesia. Besides selling motorcycles, this dealer also provides services to repair motorcycles and sells genuine motorcycle parts. Inventory management which the company carried out is still not good enough because there are still demand for spare parts from consumers that cannot be fulfilled by the company. The purpose of this study is to draw up a plan to control spare parts by paying attention to the spare parts that need to be considered, estimating the exact number of spare parts demand, knowing the smallest total inventory cost, knowing the amount of safety stock needed, and knowing when to reorder. In preparing the spare parts control, the methods used are ABC analysis, demand forecasting method, and EOQ method. The results of this study are plans to control the inventory of Tire, Rr. such as the forecasting sales of Tire, Rr. as many as 17338, economic order quantity of Tire Rr are 2158 units, the number of safety stocks of Tire, Rr. needed in 2020 are 1738 units, and the reorder point in 2020 is 8 times with the total inventory cost for Tire, Rr. in 2020 is Rp. 30,009,005.


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