About the Journal

Journal of Technomaterial Physics (JoTP) is a peer-review national journal that is published twice a year, in February and August. JoTP provides an open access policy for the writer and free publication charge. Due to its open access policy, JoTP serves online publication and a fast review process. The scope of this journal are:

  1. Theoretical Physics
  2. Applied Physics
  3. Material Physics
  4. Computational Physics and Machine Learning
  5. Experimental Physics
  6. Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics
  7. Biophysics and Medical Physics
  8. Geophysics
  9. Energy and Energy Conversion
  10. Advanced Materials (photonics, nanomaterial and nanotechnology)
  11. Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  12. Metrology

JoTP receives an original article with the maximal length of 10 pages and provides an open access policy for the writers and free publication charge.