Water use efficiency and nutrient uptake of rice under soil water stress condition


  • Endang Purbajanti Diponegoro University
  • Kusmiyati F Universitas Diponegoro
  • Eny Fushkah Universitas Diponegoro




rice, relative water content, water use efficiency, protein, minerals


One obstacle that can limit the growth and production of rice is low water availability. Therefore, a comprehensive study of the response of rice plants to drought is very important. The study was conducted in the greenhouse of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, Diponegoro University, from April to August 2016. The study used a 3 x 3 factorial design with 3 replications. The first factor is three types of rice (Sidenuk, Way Apo Buru, Pepe) and the second factor is water stress treatment (KA <field capacity = enough water, field capacity (KL), water saturation (JA). The observed parameters are protein content, leaf levels rolling (number of leaves rolled), relative water content (RWC), water use efficiency (WUE),  N, P, K uptake, rice protein content decreases with increasing water supply. The relative water content of rice plants decreases with increasing stress water that occurs in the limited water supply for the three types of rice Sidenuk rice has the lowest N seed content (2.1%) compared to Way Apo (3.0%) and Pepe (3.1%). The mineral content of P in both biomass and seeds is not really influenced by water stress, as well as K content of seeds.



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